Wednesday, October 13, 2010

busy, not lazy

I haven't posted anything all week... such a lazy bum.  Actually, I've been working late all last week. And that, my dear readers, stopped today. I work for a law firm, and good for me (not so good for "the other side"), business is booming.  One lady left the firm in February, and since then I've been doing MY job, and 90% of hers.  I don't want to be seen as inept, or uncooperative so I go in early, stay usually at least 2 hours over, and go in on Saturdays for anywhere from 3-4 hours to all day.  Now mind you, I'm doing this on my own, simply to try to keep my head above water.  The attorney knows I'm swamped and has always seemed to appreciate the extra effort.  Appreciated, but not paid, since I'm trying to save my own skin, I assume.  It's not about the money or lack thereof, or the overtime.  I love my job and actually enjoy the time to work when everyone else is gone.  What really ticked me was when I walked in my attorney's office, he was all stretched out, feet up & had a large book in his hand.  I laughed and asked him what was he doing all lounged back in his "lazy-boy".  The flipped the book from one hand to the other and said, "I'm weighing your fate"... Surprised, I asked what was he talking about. He responded something the the effect that I was behind in my calls (We also do collection calls for a healthcare provider) and he was trying to determine whether to keep me or not.  Now, he has a wry, sarcastic sense of humor and ENJOYS zapping someone when their guard is down. I'm used to that, and usually I just zing him right back, but this absolutely floored me.  And made me angry and frankly, unappreciated.  Yes, I was behind in my calls for sure, but dang it..what about all the other stuff that wouldn't get down if I didn't do it ?? The "normal" weekly hours for our department is 37.5,   I average 50 !!  I realize now that the more I contribute & the more hours I put in aren't really "getting" me anywhere.  Why should I try to do the job of two people when it's obviously not realistic?  I'm not a can't just plug me in and I'll just mindlessly keep churning out the work.   Today, I actually left at 4:30, and was proud of myself.
   So, the brain said... "Ms. J, if you are going to put in 50 hours a week in "work", why NOT get paid for the extra hours?"  Right now for several reasons, I can really use the extra income so I applied at various places.. Bath 'n Body, DressBarn, Target, Michaels, A.C.Moore to name a few.. (Sunday night I was up till 2 a.m. applying anywhere and everywhere online).. Lo and behold, A.C.Moore called Monday for me to come in for an interview the next evening.  He said he'd been interviewing since lsat Friday and had only two people he was really impressed and another lady ! So,  he gave me a "conditional" offer of employment for nights/weekends pending the outcome of a background check.  That shouldn't be a problem, although like 20 years ago I had an issue with a bouncy check : (      and went to court about that.  Court costs and everything was less than $100 so I wasn't a tremendous "crime", but I hope that doesn't affect them hiring me.  If a large law firm will hire me with that, then surely a craft store will.  I hope !!
   Working in a Craft Store for me is like a little girl waking up in a Barbie Dreamhouse ! Surrounded by all the neatest things ! I am excited to start... hope they put me in the Scrapbooking department --I'd be downright giddy !

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