Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how do you forget to flush?

ok, disgusting as it is... I have to vent. I share a 3-stall bathroom with about 15 other women at work. My question is, "HOW HARD IS IT TO REMEMBER TO FLUSH?"  These are all adult women !  Does this mean they leave 'floaters' and toilets full of pee at home, too? YUCK YUCK and MORE YUCK !!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank You (Robert Plant / Jimmy Page)

LOVE this oldie but still a good one !

If the sun refused to shine,
I would still be lovin' you.
When mountains crumble to the sea,
There will still be you and me.

Kind woman, I give you my all,
Kind woman, nothing more.

Little drops of rain, whisper of the pain,
Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
My love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
Together we shall go until we die.

Oh-my, my,
Inspiration's what you are to me,
Inspiration, look 'n' see.

And so today, my world it smiles,
Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
But thanks to you it will be done,
For you to me are the only one.
Alright, yeah!
Happiness, no more be sad,
Happiness .... I'm glad.

If the sun refused to shine
I would still be lovin you.
Mountains crumble to the sea
There will still be you an' me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


  Cannot WAIT to see who wins America's Got Talent tonite.. Jackie Evancho is utterly amazing.. but I wonder what will happen when she's a little older and her voice starts to change.  But I do think it will come down to a very close tie between her and Michael Grimm.   I was rooting for Prince Poppycock until last nights performance.  I actually thought it was kind of a let-down from his others..even before Piers Morgan smacked the buzzer.  
  So, last week I posted a comment on a local Tex-Mex restaurant's Facebook page.. The enchilada's actually TASTED like a wet puppy SMELLS !! It was soooo disgusting.  The chicken they used was some kind of precooked, shredded THIGH meat...not even breastmeat !!  I did not go into gory details of the enchiladas but did voice my disappoinment with the meal especially since it was my first visit.  Do you know they actually REMOVED my post from their FB page?  Apparently they do not acknowledge anything less than rave reviews !  I even emailed the owner of Chili Willi' response...dead silence.  I am really surprised. and disappointed.
  Oh well.. time to go home and scratch something together for me and Michael to eat for supper... not really feeling like cooking we'll see.  I hate not to really "cook" since it's his last week home before going back to do I give in to my own mother-y guilt feelings or take the easy route tonite?  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mental Health Day

After doing the typical Saturday chores & shopping and Sunday's church & taking Michael to KFC for lunch... I needed another day to finish everything I had on my to-do list.  So, in a glorious tribute to a former therapist of mine I decided not go to work today, taking what he referred to as a "Mental Health Day".  Goodness knows, we all need one of those now and again!
So I cleaned (thoroughly) the living room and kitchen, ripped down curtains, washed & rehung those, popped some "adult contemporary" on the XM, went thru a bunch of books and periodicals putting those in either "give away" or "toss" piles, stripped my bed even down to taking the bedskirt off, changed all that out and put on a new, clean crisp Egyptian Cotton set. (LOVE THE HIGH THREAD COUNT!)..sorted thru some stuff while in the bedroom, contemplated how I am going to repurpose Craigs room (and what to do with all his old stuff he doesn't really want any longer)..and  ~~TA-DAAAA ~~MADE A HOMEMADE, FROM SCRATCH, PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE IN AN IRON SKILLET.....  May I just say YUMMMMMO !!
  Now I'm ready grab a glass of iced sweet tea and plop myself down on the back steps while flipping through the new Country Sampler magazine that came today. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dove World Outreach in Gainesville FL / Burning Books

With regard to the Florida Church pastor who is planning a book buring of the Quran on 9-11-10 ----On December 7th do we Americans (ie.Christians) burn the Tripitaka or destroy statues of Buddha because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? No, we do not !!
Among the books burned in Nazi Germany in 1933 were the writings of the beloved nineteenth-century German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who wrote in his 1820-1821 play Almansor the famous admonition, “Dort, wo man B├╝cher verbrennt, verbrennt... man am Ende auch Menschen": "Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people."

The action of this church is completely ignorant and inappropriate.
After I wrote this I just read on Yahoo! News:
"Updated: Thu Sep. 09 2010 16:07:29
The pastor of a Florida church says he's calling off plans to burn 200 copies of the Islamic holy book on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Rev. Terry Jones, head of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., made the announcement on Thursday following growing pressure over the burning."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Americas Got Talent

Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock & Fighting Gravity...(America's Got Talent) Such a diverse bunch of talent ~ Wonder who will win ?? I know it was down to the final four tonite, but I was really surprised that Michael Grasso didn't make it. I bet it was awfully close vote. And it HAD to have been practically a tie between Fighting Gravity and Young Beast Society !


Have you ever noticed how much one drools after getting numbed at the dentist? Half of my face looks like it's kind of  m e l t e d , I'm drooling worse than my boxer when she smells bacon, and my speech sounds like.. well aparently it warrants suspicion because I just tried to call someone from work and they hung up on me!
All for the sake of a root canal and a bridge for a fake molar. If it weren't for years of dealing with TMJ disease the whole mess would not be worth the effort ! But I don't want that to get any worse, either.  The dentist attempted to put in another temp filling on the "root canal tooth", but somehow that cracked and she had to take it we went ahead with a temp crown on another tooth.  The empty spot in the middle will not be filled until everything gets back from the lab.  So, she says (as I'm leaving).. "By the way... don't chew on that right side at all, you don't want to chip out whats left of that tooth where the root canal was...and be extremely careful when you floss so you don't pop off that temporary crown on the other tooth...I'm going on vacation and will see you in October"...  ok... and while she's sunning herself in Aruba (I just made that up.. I have no idea where she's REALLY going)..anyway, I don't see her rushing back here for an emergency.
 ARRGGHH..I do not like dealing with this !  : ) 
  I think what irks me most is picturing myself drinking Slim-Fast for the next 6 weeks..because I *have* to and not because I *want* to !! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Between you and me..

I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time, so today is the day !  My life is now officially a journey to be savored and relished with joy.  I would like to share my thoughts, goals, wistful dreams and maybe even a recipe or two along the way !

Today was a non-descript 9 to 5 kind of day, but even at work I found some "joy" !  It's not really hard once you decide it is out there.  You just have to be receptive to the feelings of others.  A while back I started a little experiment.. it was to see how many times a day I could give another person a genuine compliment, or just a smile as they passed by.  You know what happened?  A better attitude, a brighter outlook, and a little inner joy just knowing that perhaps that other person felt a little better about themselves.  All you have to do is be observant, and find that special little "something" about someone else.  It is always there.  It's funny how the more you "give" the more you receive.  It feels good.